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Welcome to 
Gummi Gardens Daycare.

At Gummi Gardens Daycare, we focus on children from 
birth - 5 years old.
Our operating hours are from 
6:15am - 6:00pm; Monday - Friday. 
We are situated inside a complex with excellent security.
5 June 2021

We have half-day and full-day options to choose from.

Our half-day runs between 6:15am and 2:30pm 
and our full-day runs between 6:15am and 6:00pm. 
We are open throughout the year and close for 1 week in the July school holidays and for 3 weeks in December of every year. 

Grow Learning Curriculum

We follow the Grow Learning curriculum with all our children; as well as focus on the Practica Stimulation Program with all our babies. 

Safety First

We have trained and qualified staff and follow strict COVID protocols set out by the Department of Social Development.

Our school is sanitized every 2 weeks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We have recording cameras throughout the entire school which can be accessed onsite. 

Our Classes

Take a look at our classes 
according to age groups.

Meet our Gummi Team

Meet the teachers that transform our 
Gummi cubs!