gummi gardens daycare

Our Gummi Team

Teacher Lewarn

Cubbi Class - 5 Year olds
Teacher Lewarn or Teacher Lee as her Cubbi class call her is our newest addition to the Gummi family. Her experience as a Grade R teacher is a wonderful asset for our final class as they get ready for big school.

Teacher Victoria

Gruffi Class - 4 Year olds
Teacher Victoria has been with us since 2008, she was here right from the start. Teacher Toria as her Gummi cubs call her, still brings her enthusiasm and joy to school every day. She loves to watch as each child truly steps into their own personality and starts to become more independent.

Teacher Felicia

Gusto Class - 3 Year olds
Teacher Felicia has been a Gummi since 2019. Teacher Felicia is always quick to laugh and is an incredible team player. Felicia loves working with children and is loved by all.

Teacher Kleintjie

Zummi Class - 2 Year olds
Kleintjie has been at G.G. since 2009. She has seen us grow and evolve over the years. Teacher Kleintjie has been working with babies for more than 20 years. Her passion and knowledge of caring for small babies has reassured many nervous parents just beginning the long and daunting journey of their child’s education. Every child that passes through her class feels her warmth and love every day

Teacher Babi

Baby Class
Teacher Babi has been at G.G for many years and has worked in every age group. Teacher Babi is loved by all our children.

Teacher Patience

Cubbi Class - Teaching Assistant
Teacher Patience lives up to her name and brings her calm presence into our Cubbi class.

Teacher Zandi

Gruffi Class - Teaching Assistant
Teacher Zandie is our soft-hearted assistant to our 4-year-old class. She adores working with children.

Teacher Thando

Gusto Class - Teaching Assistant
Teacher Thando has been at G.G. for a short time but has proven herself to be an intricate part of the team. Our children absolutely adore her and we are looking forward to many more years together.

Teacher Sima

Zummi Class - Teaching Assistant
Teacher Sima has been at G.G. for a short time and we are looking forward to many years together.

Teacher Monica

Baby Class - Assistant
Teacher Monica has been at G.G. since 2015. Teacher Monica’s kind and gentle personality helps every child in her class feel safe and special. She encourages every child to learn and grow when they are ready.

Chef Kwenzy

Kwenzy is our resident kitchen rockstar and makes sure our Gummi cubs have healthy and delicious food every day

Gummi Assistant Ntombi

Ntombi is our best defense against germs. She brightens our school with her friendly smile and quick laugh.

Principal Stacey

Our Gummi Principal started with us in 2016 as our 2-year-old teacher. Stacey took on the role of Principal in 2021 and continues to be hands-on with our Gummi babies and their parents.